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Canucks' Luke Schenn Fans is a fan site with no direct affiliation to the Vancouver Canucks, Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment, NHL, or NHLPA.

Thank you for visiting my Canucks-Luke-Schenn-Fans website. The reason I’ve created this website is to make the case to fellow Canuck fans why the Vancouver Canucks need to keep Luke Schenn and why he needs to be both re-signed this summer and an active roster player this season and beyond.

As a Canucks Super Fan, I truly believe that Luke Schenn had made a seamless debut with the Vancouver Canucks and that he has rolled with his role in the Vancouver Canucks roster as a fearless blueliner providing a steadying influence for the Canucks’ younger D-men. Luke Schenn deserves a new contract as a veteran defenceman. Schenn has demonstrated his courage and character – valued qualities that have made him indispensable to the team both on the ice and in the locker room. I believe that Luke Schenn is a difference-maker and that he has found a home with the Vancouver Canucks.


Luke Schenn has become an instant Vancouver Canucks fan favorite, as both the team and fans are thrilled with the performance Schenn turned in. Luke Schenn has shined in a shutdown defencemen/enforcer role for the Vancouver Canucks, bringing a much-needed physical aspect to the Vancouver Canucks’ blueline, and I believe he deserves to be rewarded for his efforts.

Setting a strong example in his latest NHL opportunity, in my opinion, the Canuck’s Schenn was one of the strong contributors that had the Canucks back in the playoff hunt, and that Schenn was truly in his groove when he introduced fans to the exciting Schenn-o-Meter.

I believe that The Vancouver Canucks can look to Luke Schenn to support our young players so they can keep developing and get to another level. I believe that Luke Schenn needs to be part of our 2019/2020 core group to advance the Vancouver Canucks to the post-season for the first time in five years.

I’ve gathered quotes, and links to articles that have highlighted Luke Schenn’s story this past season, with comments from our Vancouver Canucks’ General Manager, Head Coach, Players, Sports Writers, and Luke Schenn himself. Please use the content on this site to create your own post that you can share with your social media network to create a Schenn Army of fans that will both show our support for the Canucks’ Luke Schenn and our team the Vancouver Canucks as we fill Rogers Arena.

Let’s Go Canucks!


- Canucks Superfan

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